In the dynamic world of a classroom, managing early finishers can be a challenge. The familiar refrain of “I’m done, what do I do now?” can disrupt the flow of the lesson and create distractions. That’s where my game-changing resource comes into play – the ‘When I’m Done’ chart. This chart has not only eliminated the ongoing questions and distractions but has also transformed my classroom into a hub of focused, engaged learners. In this blog post, I’ll share how this simple chart has become an invaluable tool in keeping my students on task and busy throughout the day.

The Creation of the ‘When I’m Done’ Early Finishers Chart:

A few years ago, I introduced the ‘When I’m Done’ chart into my classroom, and the impact was nothing short of phenomenal. The constant inquiries and disruptions from early finishers ceased, and a new sense of independence and productivity took over.

How It Works:

  1. Visual Appeal and Clarity:
    • The ‘When I’m Done’ chart is prominently displayed in my classroom, making it easily accessible to all students. Its visual appeal and clarity help early finishers understand their options without having to ask for guidance.Early Finishers Chart
  2. Diverse Activities:
    • Each student has a personalized book bin filled with books at their reading level, a color chart, a whiteboard with a marker, a folder containing fluency passages, and their spelling words. This variety ensures that there’s something for everyone, catering to different interests and learning styles.Activities for early finishers
  1. Fluency and Spelling Practice:
    • Early finishers can choose to practice reading fluency or spelling words on a whiteboard. This not only reinforces essential skills but also provides an opportunity for personalized learning.
  2. Creative Exploration:
    • Another engaging option on the ‘When I’m Done’ chart is an activity where students practice color words, shapes, and number words. Students love the creative freedom they have in showcasing their understanding, such as drawing objects to represent each number.
    • Find the MATH REFERENCE SHEET HEREEarly finishers activity practice
  3. Accountability and Organization:
    • A favorite activity among students is the opportunity to clean up and organize their area. This simple task instills a sense of responsibility and ensures that their workspace remains neat and conducive to learning.early finishers accountability

The ‘When I’m Done’ chart has become the cornerstone of maintaining a focused and productive classroom environment. It empowers early finishers with choices, encourages independent learning, and fosters a sense of responsibility. As a teacher, witnessing my students stay engaged and busy throughout the day brings immeasurable joy. I hope this resource proves to be as transformative for you as it has been for me. Here’s to seamless transitions and a classroom full of eager, focused learners!


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