“EGG” CEPTIONAL BEHAVIOR. Is a cute incentive system to use during spring. Student behavior can get hard the last couple of months of school. So use this incentive system to motivate students to make good choices and keep them on the right track. This can also be an academic incentive for mastering a certain number of Math Facts, Sight Words, passing Spelling Tests etc.

I filled the eggs with M&Ms, skittles, incentive coupons or passes, and just about anything. You can use this system however it fits your class best. This product comes with “eggceptional” tickets that can be used as brag tags too. I give students a ticket when I see them behaving exceptionally well or if I see them trying their best on a class assignment. At the end of the day if they still have their ticket they can select an egg from our classroom basket. You may also use this for no homework passes, free treasure box, lunch bunch, sit next to a friend, iPad time, etc.

I printed these off on cardstock and placed the egg on a display stand I bought at the Dollar Store.

This product includes:

• 1 “Grab one for EGG CEPTIONAL Behavior” Poster in color
• 1 “Grab one for EGG CEPTIONAL Behavior” Poster in black/white so you can print in any color you choose
• 1 sheet with 25 colored “You Earned It” tickets
• 1 sheet with 25 black/white “You Earned It” tickets

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