100 Days of School Cape Ideas

Are you looking for 100 days of school cape ideas? something cute, fun, and inexpensive to wear? Continue reading to find out how to make this awesome 100 days of school Cape. Your kids will flip out when they see you sporting this, they will feel so special when they see their picture on your cape! Mine sure did, and it was epic 🙂
I tried to make it as easy as possible for you and included lots of visual directions. Keep reading further and you will find the 100 days of school balloon template as a FREEBIE in my TPT store.

100 days of school Cape Supplies:

100 days of school supplies

First, let’s start off with all the supplies you will need for this project. In addition, you will need a ruler and scissors.

How to cut the table cover:

100 Day of School DIY Cape

The table cover is pretty easy to cut because of how it’s folded in the package.
1. When it comes out of the package it is already folded in half (as shown on picture 1).
2. I folded mine 1/4 down towards the top and cut it depending on my height (Most importantly, make sure you cut it to your desired length, and height).
3. When you cut it, you will end up with two pieces that are subsequently folded perfectly in half. You may use one cape for you and one for your teacher bestie 🙂 I left mine folded in half. It’s much sturdier that way. Next is how to upload the image to add to your 100 days of school cape.

How to upload image:

1. First, right click on the circle and click on fill and go to Picture.
2. Secondly, insert your picture from your files.
3. Last but not least your ready to…Print!

Full image and basket:

100 day of school Image and Basket

These are full images of your basket and your classroom picture.

Cut & glue:

You will cut them both and glue your classroom picture on top of the basket.
To download the 100 Day Of School balloon template for FREE. Link is below 🙂

100 Days of School Cape Template

How to cut and glue the yarn and picture:

1. Next, you will cut the yarn. I measured it at about 10 inches.
2. Tape the yarn pieces to the back of your classroom picture.
3. Hot glue your picture onto the cape towards the middle.
Side Note: I used hot glue because regular glue wouldn’t stick.

How to glue Pom Poms and yarn:

1. Cut out the oval which will be used to glue the pom poms.
2. Then You will glue the oval above your classroom picture.
3. You will then tape the yarn to the oval. If your yarn was too long, don’t worry it’ll be covered by the pom poms anyway 🙂
Side Note: I had to use a paper to glue the pom poms because the pom poms did not glue to the plastic table cover.

How to stick the letters & numbers:

100 Days of school flew away

Time to stick your letters and numbers! I found these awesome foam stickers at Wal- Mart for $4.99. All you have to do is remove the paper from the back and stick the letters where ever you want 🙂 I chose to put mine towards the bottom of the cape.
If you don’t want to spend that much on the foam stickers, the Dollar Tree has foam pieces you can cut up yourself or they have some wood numbers and letters that’ll work just fine too 🙂

TADA! Here’s the finished 100 Days of School Cape 🙂
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