Valentines Day Bundle

Product Description:

Valentines Day Bundle activities for math, grammar, writing and literacy. These are fun and engaging activities that could be used in a center, homework, or individual practice.  This is a good valentines day ideas for school.

Skills included: 

Data, double digit subtraction and double digit subtraction with regrouping.

Double digit addition and double digit addition with regrouping.

3 digit addition with regrouping and 3 digit subtraction with regrouping.

3 addends and 3 addends with double digits.

Missing addends, word problems.

Base ten, and base ten (hundreds, tens, and ones).

Number sense, ten more and ten less, comparing numbers, color by number, nouns, verbs, ABC order, and word search.

Writing Prompts:

• I am a love monster because…
• Love is…(2 options)
• I am a love monster because…
• Write a Valentine’s Day story.


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