Classroom Hand Signals

Classroom Hand Signals Posters

These EDITABLE Classroom Hand Signal posters are probably the BEST classroom management tool I’ve ever incorporated in my classroom. It’s a great way to reduce disruptions and distractions. The chart is a great visual reminder for both teachers and students 🙂 YES! I’m one to forget a lot of things, but thankfully I can just look up and see the chart to know what my students need at that moment. You may display the chart any way you like. I chose to hang mine on a ribbon and accent it with some borders around it. You may also add a magnet to the back and display them on your whiteboard or put them on a bulletin board.

I introduce the chart on the first day of school. It is essential to practice and model expectations over and over again so they can get the hang of it and learn how to use them. I tell students that sometimes we will be communicating with our hands. It is also important to tell students that if there is an emergency like a bloody nose or a bathroom emergency, they may go quickly without using a hand signal.

Whole Group

Hand Signals while on a group

Classroom Hand Signals have really helped my whole group instruction by minimizing the random blurting out and unnecessary interruptions. This system also gives the students the opportunity to show #5 during instruction time if they have a question about what I’m teaching.

Classroom Hand Signals in Small Group

This tool comes especially handy during small group instruction. Students will no longer go up to you during this time to ask you to sharpen a pencil or go to the bathroom. They’ll simply raise a hand signal and all you have to do is simply give a nod without interrupting precious small group teaching.

Hand Signals while read aloud

The most unnecessary questions happened during the read-aloud time before incorporating hand signals to my classroom. Every time a student raised their hand during story time I thought it was something meaningful and about the story I was reading. Nine times out of 10 it was to go to the bathroom or drink water. These common problems were completely erased when I implemented the use of hand signals.

You can also say goodbye to those unnecessary interruptions especially during the quiet testing time!

Below you will find links to the different Classroom Hand Signals available in my store.

Classroom Hand Signals Editable Product


I got many requests to make this product using ASL signs. This product is one that I love because it teaches your students a new language!

I also included some male and female brag tags to send home when students have mastered using the hand signs. Copy the ASL alphabet on the back of their brag tag so they can go home and teach their parents 🙂 There are four tags on one page to save paper! Below you will find the different ASL Signs available in my store.

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