Maintaining a positive and focused learning environment can be challenging, specifically ALL year, LOL! I use an exciting and versatile incentive system to help with classroom management. That encourages good choices and celebrates academic achievements. I present my “All Year Behavior and Academic Incentives” system – a fun and engaging way to keep students on the right track throughout the school year.

All Year Behavior and Academic Incentives for classroom management

Overview of the Incentive System for Classroom Management:

  1. Recognition for Exceptional Behavior:
    • Whenever you observe students exhibiting exceptional behavior, or putting in extra effort on class assignments, reward them with a special “You Earned It” ticket.
  2. Daily Rewards for Outstanding Choices:
    • If a student manages to make great choices throughout the entire day, offer them a special treat or let them choose from a variety of rewards. For example; no homework passes, free treasure box pick, lunch bunch privilege, the chance to sit next to a friend, or some coveted iPad time.
  3. Academic Achievements:
    • You may also extend the incentive system to academic accomplishments, by rewarding students for mastering specific skills such as Math Facts, Sight Words, or passing Spelling Tests. 
  4. Themed Posters for Each Season:
    • To add a seasonal flair to your incentive system I’ve created themed posters for all seasons. These posters are available in color and black/white. Allowing you to print them in any color that suits your classroom’s aesthetic.
  5. Printable Tickets:
    • Each package includes 25 colored and 25 black/white “You Earned It” tickets. These can be easily printed on cardstock and distributed to deserving students as tangible proof of their achievements.

Implementation Tips:

  • Print the materials on cardstock for durability and longevity.
  • Display the posters on a stand for visibility, making it an attractive focal point in your classroom.
  • Consider incorporating a mix of behavior and academic incentives to cater to different student interests and strengths.

With this system, you have a powerful tool for great classroom management by celebrating students’ successes. Combining positive reinforcement with academic recognition creates an environment where students are encouraged to make good choices, and excel academically. Try it out, and watch your students blossom into confident and motivated learners all year round!

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