March can be a tricky month for maintaining positive student behavior as the excitement of spring approaches. To combat the challenges and keep students on track, I’ve created a whimsical and effective incentive system – the “Golden Behavior” program. This adorable initiative not only encourages good choices but also adds a touch of magic to your classroom. Let’s delve into how this golden opportunity can make March a month of positive behavior and academic achievement.

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The Golden Behavior and Academic Incentive System:

The “Golden Behavior” system revolves around a cauldron filled with golden coins. Here’s how it works:

  1. Golden Coins as Tickets:
    • I purchased a bag of 42 golden coins for $4 at Walmart, but you can also find them at the Dollar Tree. When you observe students exhibiting exceptional behavior or putting forth their best effort on class assignments, reward them with a golden coin.
  1. End-of-Day Treats:
    • At the end of the day, if students still possess their golden coin, they have the exciting opportunity to select a treat from the classroom cauldron. Treat options can include no homework passes, free treasure box picks, lunch bunch privileges, the chance to sit next to a friend, or even some coveted iPad time.
  2. Versatile Incentives:
    • The golden coins aren’t just limited to treats; they can also serve as academic incentives. Students can earn golden coins for mastering Math Facts, Sight Words, or acing Spelling Tests, creating a well-rounded incentive system that promotes both positive behavior and academic excellence.

Included in the Product:

To make implementing the “Golden Behavior” system a breeze, the product includes:

      • 1 “Grab one for ‘Golden Behavior'” poster in color.
      • 1 “Grab one for ‘Golden Behavior'” poster in black/white for easy printing in any color you prefer.
      • 1 sheet with 25 colored “You Earned It” tickets.
      • 1 sheet with 25 black/white “You Earned It” tickets.

March Golden incentive printouts

Implementation Tips:

  • Display the colorful or black/white poster prominently in your classroom to generate excitement.
  • Ensure the cauldron of golden coins is easily accessible and visible to all students.
  • Regularly communicate the incentives and celebrate the successes of students who earn golden coins.

Golden Behavior Display


March doesn’t have to be a challenging month for behavior management. With the “Golden Behavior” incentive system, you can infuse magic into your classroom while motivating students to make positive choices and excel academically. Watch as your students eagerly march towards success with this golden opportunity in hand!


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