Hello everyone! Classroom Tour 2017-2018 I’m already three weeks in! Can you believe that??? I wanted to do my classroom tour sooner and well…you know how hectic the beginning of the year can be 🙁 I FINALLY had time to do it! So here we are…

Classroom tour 2017-2018 Theme

If you look at my pics I think it’s pretty obvious what my theme is ha! Zebra print, and hot pink 🙂 When my kids and their parents walked in this year they were in “aw,” with everything. The parents kept telling me they loved how bright and inviting our classroom was. It’s always a treat to get nice compliments, it makes all the hard work worth it 🙂

This year I really wanted to focus on kindness, self esteem, and positivism. So as soon as you enter my classroom the first thing you see is an inspirational wall, with framed inspirational words and pictures of my students. My students tell me this wall encourages to make “good choices!” That’s a win win for all of us 🙂

Classroom Tour 2017-2018 Inspirational Quote Wall

Inspirational Quote Wall Link:

Inspirational Quote Wall

Classroom Tour 2017-2018 Label Links

Each student has a cubby, where they keep their backpacks and their book bins. Whenever they’re done early with their work they can get their bins and work on their fluency, practice writing sight words, and they also have books for “Read to Self.”

The book bins are labeled with numbers. These come especially handy when we line up. Students have to line up in ABC order to get their lunch in the cafeteria, so their place in line is the same as their book bin number. I’ve done this for years and the kids learn their order pretty quickly!

Number Label Links:

Zebra Number Labels

Chevron Number Labels (hot pink and black)

Chevron Number Labels (teal)

Rainbow Number Labels

The hand signals system has definitely been a Game Changer in my classroom. It has reduced disruptions, distractions, questions during instruction, and throughout the school day. It comes especially handy during small groups. It’s also a great tool to enhance classroom management with your students.

I use a clip chart for our Specials schedule. This keeps students informed on what special they have and it reduces those, “What special do we have this week, ” questions!

Classroom Tour 2017-2018 Hand Signals

Hand Signals Links:

Editable Hand Signals

Black/White Editable Hand Signals

Bilingual/Spanish-Hand Signals


Editable Specials Signs

I put our classroom rules and clip chart in front of the room. I figured that would be the perfect place to remind students what our classroom expectations are throughout the day.

In between our clip chart and classroom rules is our “When I’m done,” chart. This chart visually shows students what their options are when they’ve completed their work. It keeps students on task and allows them to practice what they’re learning in class. It’s helped me eliminate many distractions and ongoing questions from early finishers.

Classroom Tour 2017-2018 Clip Chart

Clip Chart Links:

Zebra Clip Chart

Rainbow Clip Chart

EDITABLE When I’m don chart (chevron)

EDITABLE Classroom Rules

I put my alphabet on top of my white board. I accented it with a zebra border. LOVE the way it turned out. I can’t take the credit for putting this up. One of my amazing nieces did it for me, #shortgirlproblems!

My objectives board and calendar turned out amazing, the zebra washi tape and black border ties everything perfectly with the whole board.

Classroom Tour 2017-2018 Objectives Board

Objectives Board Kit Link:

Zebra Objectives Board Kit

My students love our calendar. I don’t ever get asked, “Teacher what are we doing after grammar?” Our schedule is right up on the board and all they have to do is look up 🙂

They also have a clear visual of how many days they have been in school and how many days are left until the 100th day or the 120th day. This is also a great way to understand and learn about 10 frames, it’s the perfect strategy to learn how to count by tens.

Our little “friend,” there is, “Timmy.” Timmy helps us stay on task and he models how we need to be listening and learning every day! Every time I say,”Timmy positions,” my kids know they need to look like our pal Timmy 🙂 This poster is from Especially Education. Here’s the LINK.


Zebra Calendar Kit

Rainbow Calendar Kit

Our birthday chart is a HIT! We used it for a graphing lesson and my kiddos had a blast!

This is such a fun and easy way to display student birthdays. Here I used ribbon to put their birthdays, but you can use washi tape! Then I put this up on our restroom door. I used a whiteboard sticker and it worked perfectly! Also I was thinking about writing their names on the sticker but then I decided to type their birthdays on the circle. Either or would look GREAT!

Classroom Tour 2017-2018 Birthday Chart


Editable Birthday Chart

Organization is everything. These labels help kids find supplies easily. They’re a great visual and also helps them clean up and sort things fast.
Classroom Tour 2017-2018 Zebra Supply Labels

Supply Labels Links:

Zebra Supply Labels Editable

Editable Rainbow Chevron Labels

Editable Chevron Labels (Teal)

I started doing Author of the month last year, and it really got my students excited about reading! They really enjoy learning about different authors and it inspires to be better writers and illustrators. It’s such a joy to read and see their stories!

Classroom Tour 2017-2018 Author of the Month

Zebra Banner Link:

Zebra Banner

This is our Reading Focus Wall. My kids really like knowing exactly what we’re focusing on reading each week 🙂 I accented our wall with pom poms I bought at Wal-Mart for $4.99. It came with a pack of two. I found the black pocket charts at Lakeshore. SCORE!

Classroom Tour 2017-2018 Focus Wall

Below our Focus Wall is our Fluency  Data Wall. This is what I use to display individual student growth in reading fluency. As students achieve a reading goal their zebra moves up the number line. This keeps my students accountable of their own learning and it also motivates them! They get so excited when they get to move up 🙂

Fluency Data Wall Links:

Zebra Fluency Data Wall

Football Fluency Data Wall

Monkey Them Fluency Data Wall

Classroom Tour 2017-2018 Grammar Wall Poster

We love Learning in Wonderland’s grammar wall posters! They’re a great visual for students during grammar. They reference back to it often. Here’s the LINK.

I think it’s safe to say that my kid’s favorite area in our classroom is our library. Instead of doing all the fun things for Fun Friday, they spend it in our library reading their favorite books 🙂 I have books sorted by theme, genre, and author. The label in the front makes it easier for the kids pick their favorites. I bought the book shelf at Ikea and the bins at Target. The bins fit perfectly 🙂

Classroom Library Labels Link:

Classroom Library Labels

This is the view from the back of the room for the classroom tour 2017-2018.

This is my desk area/small group table.

This year I organized my student books and my read alouds. Not having to search for my books and knowing exactly where they are has been awesome! There’s nothing better than being organized and ready.

Classroom Library Labels Link:

Classroom Library Labels

This view is from the front door for my classroom tour 2017-2018.

Right next to my desk I decided to add a little inspiration for myself. These are little reminders of why I LOVE teaching and why I do what I do. Some of them are gifts from former students which make this little are even more special 🙂

I really hope you’ve enjoyed my classroom tour 2017-2018. Thank you so much for stopping by.

“Teaching is a Work of Heart”

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