Hi my name is Lorena and I am a holiday decor junkie and OF COURSE I needed my very own Valentine Tree! I’ve been dying to do this for quite some time, but the hubby would never allow me to do this at home…but I DO have a classroom and I can do what I want in my class LOL! I hope you love this as much as I do. It’s super cute and inexpensive!

Valentines Ideas

“Sweetheart” BEHAVIOR. Is a cute incentive system to use in February. Student behavior can get hard throughout the year especially during fun celebrations.  You can use this incentive system to motivate students to make good choices and keep them on the right track.  I find that this system really pushes those difficult little ones to strive to be better. They really respond very well to it and really work hard to get that baggie.

This can also be an academic incentive for mastering a certain number of Math Facts, Sight Words, passing Spelling Tests, turning in Homework, etc. For example, we played scoot today and the student that answered the most correctly got to get a “sweetheart” baggie from our tree.

You can use this system however it fits your class best.

Classroom Management

How it works:

I filled a baggie with “sweetheart” candy and attached tickets that may be used as brag tags too. The baggies are hooked on the Valentine tree. When I see a student behaving exceptionally well or if I see them trying their best on a class assignment. I tell them to grab a baggie from our tree (they love doing this). The only catch is that they have to continue making great choices all day, and if they do, they get to take their baggie and tag home to show their parents!

These are some of the ways students get a “sweetheart” baggie for behavior:

working exceptionally well, being a caring friend, walking nicely in line, working quietly during seat work, being respectful, great during transitions, etc.

I printed these off on card stock and placed the “Sweetheart” poster on a display stand I bought at the Dollar Store.

Student Behavior


I used these hearts as ornaments for the tree. Then I cut the sticks short and stuck them all around the tree. They were a great addition for my Valentine tree. (bought at the Dollar Tree)Classroom DIY

Here I used skinny ribbon to attach the tags to the baggie.

At the Dollar Tree I bought the sweethearts . They came in a pack of four.

Here I used these baggies to put the sweethearts. I only put a few in there 🙂 Then I didn’t use the whole box. I cut the top of the baggie to make it easier to attach the ribbon. (bought at the Dollar Tree)

Here I used ornament hooks to attach the baggies to the tree.

Tree Topper 🙂Final product!

This product includes:

• (1) “Grab one for being a “Sweetheart ” Poster in color and (1) “Grab one for being a “Sweetheart ” Poster in black/white so you can print in any color you choose.
• (1) sheet with 25 colored “You Earned It” tickets and (1) sheet with 25 black/white “You Earned It” tickets.

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