I’ve been trying to find a way to display student name tags without that sticky yucky stuff tape leaves behind. It’s such a hassle to scrape it off at the end of the year before getting signed off by admin. I really love the wooden name tag holders but they’re a bit expensive for my teacher budget. But this weekend I found a very cute, easy, inexpensive, clean way to display student name tags! WOO HOO! Here’s how I did it 🙂 I hope you like these name tag holders as much as I do!


* Styrofoam Balls- Bag of 8 at the dollar store. The balls come in different sizes I used the bigger ones and the medium sized ones. Both sizes worked perfectly.

* Acrylic Paint- $1.50  @ Joanns

*Con-Tact Paper- $5.97 @ Wal-Mart. I already had a small piece of Con-tact paper left from my little projects so it was FREE for me. You don’t need a lot of it!



*Glue Gun




Get the Styrofoam balls and cut them completely in half with a knife. They’re super easy to cut and you should be able to cut right through it with a little push of the hand.


2Get the scissors and slightly cut the middle of the half balls. I used the scissors because it kept me from cutting it completely in half. You just need a small slit on the top to put the name tag through it.


3Trace the half balls onto the contact paper. You’re going to use these circles for the base of the name tag holders.


4Get your foam brush and paint the half ball using the acrylic paint. I painted my half balls in black so one coat of paint did the trick. But if you use a lighter paint you might want to do 2-3 coats to make sure you cover it up well.


5After you’ve painted all the half balls and they’ve dried hot glue the contact paper circles on the bottom.


6Get your name tags and insert them in the middle where you cut the slit. The best part about this is that you could save space in student tables because you can put two name tags on one holder!

IMG_7687     IMG_7688