Monday Made It 1

This is my first link up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made it, and I’m super excited! I just finished my first week back to school with my kiddos this past week it was a great week, my kids are amazing! I’ve been working nonstop in my classroom for the past three weeks, and I’m still going at it! I decided to change my classroom theme, and it’s been a bit stressful and a lot of work but so worth it! Here’s a glimpse of my classroom, I love how everything turned out, it’s so how I am 🙂 I hope this is my first of many Monday Made It posts! I’m looking forward to reading some fantastic Made It’s!

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* 1 Full Mattress Foam Pad- $12.94 @WalMart

* 4 plastic crates- $3.47 @ Walmart

* 1 sheet of plywood- $18.65 @ HomeDepot

* Staple Gun- $14.97 @HomeDepot

* 2 yards of fabric- $7.89 @Amazon

Tot All= $65.74

1. Take a crate to HomeDepot, and they will measure the crate and cut the plywood for you for FREE!!! He was able to cut out 22 pieces of plywood to fit the crate!

2. Lay a piece of plywood on the mattress pad and trace as many as you need.

3. Cut the fabric by placing the plywood with the mattress pad on top to make sure you leave enough material around the edges to fold over the seat. Since the plywood is pretty big, I used two pieces to make it more sturdy. Out of the 2 yards of fabric, I was able to cut six pieces!

4. Staple the fabric to the plywood.

5. Place the seat to the crate and TADA. You’re done!!! ????????????❤️








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Like I mentioned above I redid my classroom this year and OF COURSE everything NEEDS to match ???? my theme is Zebra and hot pink. I had these tables so I bought some zebra Con-Tact paper to cover them up so they can go with my classroom concept! I LOVE how they turned out ???? it was so easy! Here’s how I did it!

Before Pic of my tables!

contact paper2

Bought the zebra con-tact paper at Wal-Mart for $5.97. They have different colors and styles if you don’t find your color choice there try Amazon!

contact paper

Cut the contact paper and tape it down. If you don’t like the way it turns out you can easily take it off and it won’t leave that yucky sticky stuff! I also used a card to smooth out the bubbles 🙂 If you have any excess paper you may easily trim around the edges.

contact paper 3contact paper 4


contact paper 5

I also used it to cover up my file cabinet, the side of my desk, and cut a piece to use for the bulletin board behind my desk!

contact paper 6FullSizeRender

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My next made it are my bin labels and my supply labels! Since I couldn’t replace all my bins in black or pink I decided to make labels to cover them up as much as possible. Did I mention I’m a matching freak? Can you tell????

Cover it Up and Get Organizedsupply labelssupply labels 2

Bin Labels  Supply Labels

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These are one of my faves! Our class schedule and Specials Signs 🙂 Topped them off with a cute burlap bow! I went over them with my kids this week and the very next day they said, “Ok, Mrs. Figueroa, I know what’s next! Reading!” Mission accomplished woo hoo!


Class Schedule Specials Signs

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Last but not least, My objectives board! After doing it and redoing it because I’m so uncoordinated 🙁 I finally got it looking the way I wanted!

Objectives Board Kit

Objectives Board Kit