My niece (in PreK) was unable to attend her Vday party last week because she was really sick but she made sure her and mommy made goodie bags for her classmates. 🙁  She was really excited to go to school today to give her friends their goodies and receive hers. But to their disappointment her teachers did not save anything for her. Their excuse was they didn’t have her VDay bag to put them in, as teachers isn’t it common sense to set aside a bag for the kids who are absent.

I know I do! Even a Walmart bag will do! I was so upset ALL day, just thinking about how heart broken she was! So during writer’s workshop I had my little ones make Vday cards for my niece. It truly touched my heart they were so giving, thoughtful and considerate! I told them she was sick and missed out on her party. They were taking out stuff from their backpack to give her to make her smile and feel better. It totally made my niece’s day! I would have done this for any little one missing out on Vday, they don’t deserve to feel hurt at such a young age! My kids are the best! Happy Valentine’s Princess!!!

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