Today we practiced our phonics skill of the week (verb endings), using a Kagan Strategy; Inside Outside Circle 🙂 my kids enjoy doing this a lot! I love incorporating some type of movement and interaction into my lessons and this is definitely one of my favorites!

How this Kagan Strategy works:

You pair up the kids. My kids are already paired up at their tables. I always make sure I pair them by ability.  The class then forms two concentric circles. With my “peanut butters” on the inside and my “jellies” on the outside. Partners face each other. I always have my “jellies” read the words first just in case they need help “peanut butters” may assist. They have to read the word and use it in a sentence. Then you direct the outside circle to move clockwise or counter clockwise. I use a bell for that transition. 🙂 This strategy also works great for teaching addition and subtraction, nouns, verbs etc!

Kagan Strategy