I have been playing around with the idea of having my very own home office for years, but there was always something that stopped me from making this happen. First, I think most of us can relate, is the lack of money. Second, work and life. Last but not least, laziness.  I was inspired to make this a reality in December. My husband gave me the most beautiful pink Cricut machine as a Christmas present. It was love at first sight. This machine inspired me to come up with the color scheme for the office; I was certain the colors had to be white, rose gold, pink, and gold. 

Ideas started racing through my head, but then I had a HUGE reality check when I started searching online for desks, estimates, and furniture. Everything was pricey. With that being said, the hubby and I sat down and came up with a plan. Both of us are pretty handy, so hiring someone to do the job was not necessary. Plus, we love DIY projects! It took a little brainstorming and sacrifice but I can honestly tell you this is the home office of my dreams!

My goal was to have a designated and beautiful space to inspire me to be more productive. An area that can motivate me to be creative. A place that brings me instant joy as soon as I walk in. After doing all the work on a reasonable budget, I am a firm believer that creating an organized and stylish home office can be easy, fun and affordable. Here are some ideas that may inspire you. I am so excited to share my stylish/chic home office with you!

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Reuse what you have

I was pretty set on the color choices I made from the very beginning. I already had a lot of office containers, storage bins, and baskets from “the office” we already had. Instead of throwing all that stuff away, I decided to reuse pretty much everything. So spray painted all the bins and organizers with Metalic Spray Paint from Home Depot.

Most of the storage bins and containers are from the Dollar Tree, and the calendar is from Wal-Mart. So, this is my number one suggestion for you, try to reuse what you already have and if it’s not your color choice, there’s nothing a little spray paint can’t fix!


If you have furniture that can be refurbished, do it! Especially if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty. The outcome is pretty amazing and it also saves you money. They sell some amazing sanding machines and it doesn’t take an expert to learn how to use them. I learned in a day! After sanding the tables I painted them with the leftover paint we used for the walls in the office.

I bought these tables on Facebook Marketplace for a whopping $10! You can find some pretty awesome stuff there. But keep in mind, if you purchase anything on marketplace make sure you meet at a public place. Always remember to be safe!

Sofa Slip Cover

Our home office is also a guest bedroom, which has a sofa bed. I wanted to get rid of it so badly because it did not match with anything! However, we have a small three-bedroom house, and we regularly have family over, so getting rid of it was not an option. But I found a white sofa slipcover that fits perfect, and it was only $34 on Amazon! It literally looks like a brand new couch. I love the darn thing now; it truly brings everything together.

Inspirational Quotes/Cricut Touches

As I mentioned above, I wanted to create a space for myself that will motivate me, so I added some motivational quotes throughout the office for some extra inspiration. I had an old mirror stashed in my garage. I spray painted it gold and added some vinyl to it. It reads,” Believe in your Dreams.” That’s the first thing I see as soon as I walk in!


One thing was for sure, I wanted my office to be extremely organized, flexible, and functional. I didn’t want to be searching everywhere for supplies; I wanted everything to be at arm’s reach as much as possible.

I don’t think there’s anything that makes an office space more accessible than a pegboard! I was a bit hesitant at first because I didn’t know how it was going to look hanging over my desk, but I had nothing to worry about. I’m also going to use this area to hang up some seasonal frames and decor. Not only does it hold my most used supplies, but it also looks super cute and chic! Which is exactly what I was going for. The copy paper and office supply bins are right on my desk for easy access. I purchased the paper bins and organizers are from the Dollar Tree.


Gotta love my hubby! If he doesn’t know how to do something, he will learn. This office renovation couldn’t have happened without all of his hard work, help, and support. Thanks, amor!

Ok, back to the tile. We found some laminate flooring at Home Depot for 99 cents a square foot. That’s a price you can’t beat, and not to mention it’s really pretty! He researched putting laminate flooring online, and it wasn’t hard to put at all. The hard part was removing the carpet, it was a pain in the bu*%. Yet he finished putting the flooring in one day!


I wanted bright and crisp walls, so we opted to paint the entire office white. After it was all done, I felt like it was missing a little something. I decided the office needed a little pop of color so we added an accent wall and used pink metallic paint from Home Depot.


The most important piece of a home office is the desk! Comfort was key when choosing a desk and chair. I knew I wanted an L shaped desk but I didn’t want it too big. We decided to purchase two pieces from Amazon; a wall-mounted floating desk and a computer desk. The desk chair is also from Amazon.