Classroom Tour 2018-2019 and year 13 of my teaching career in progress. I can remember my first classroom like it was yesterday. Time flies when you’re learning and having fun! My first class of kindergarten students will be graduating this year. Way to go Class of 2019! Is it me? Or does it seem like the teacher’s life moves rather quickly? They were my kindergarten babies just 11 years ago and now they’re getting ready to venture out into the real world. It’s so surreal when I think about it, and I can’t help but get emotional. Oh man, I think I have something in my eye 😉

I already wrapped up my first week of school, and to say that I love my kiddos is an understatement. They’re seriously a very sweet bunch, I feel very fortunate to be their teacher this year. We’re going to have so much fun learning from each other. Honestly, I feel that every class teaches me something new year after year. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for all of us!

This year I really wanted to motivate my kiddos to make positive choices. As soon as you enter my classroom the first thing you see is our “We like to Brag” wall. It’s my first year incorporating this system in my classroom and I can already see some positive changes. My students said brag tags encourage them to make “good choices!”. Let’s start with my Classroom Tour 2018-2019

Classroom Tour 2018-2019 Theme

We like to Brag Wall

I printed the letters out on card stock and I used Amy Groesbeck’s font. Also, I bought the chains at Hobby Lobby for $8.99 a roll. I cut them into 24-inch pieces, I was able to get 15 chains in total.Classroom Tour 2018-2019 Blooming Blossoming Flower We Like to Brag Wall

Right by our Brag tag wall, you will see our supply bins. Organization is everything. The labels help kids find supplies easily. They’re a great visual and also helps them clean up and sort things right away.

Classroom Tour 2018-2019 Blooming Blossoming Flower We Like to Brag Wall

Classroom Tour 2018-2019 Blooming Blossoming Flower Supply Labels

Supply Labels

Blooming Blossoming Flower Supply Labels (Editable)

Rainbow Chevron Supply Labels (Editable)

Teal Chevron Supply Labels (Editable)

Zebra Supply Labels (Editable)

Classroom Tour 2018-2019 Blooming Blossoming Flower Number Labels Bins

Each student has a cubby, where they keep their backpacks and book bins. Whenever they’re done early with their work they can get their bins and work on their fluency, practice writing sight words, and they also have books for “Read to Self.”

The book bins are labeled with numbers. These come especially handy when we line up. Students have to line up in ABC order to get their lunch in the cafeteria, so their place in line is the same as their book bin number. I’ve done this for years and the kids learn their order pretty quickly! I’ll provide links to all the number labels available in my store below.

Blooming Blossoming Flower Number Labels

Rainbow Chevron Number Labels

Teal Chevron Number Labels

Zebra Number Labels

Chevron Number Labels (hot pink and black)

Hand Signals

Classroom Tour 2018-2019 Hand Signals

The hand signals system has definitely been a Game Changer in my classroom. I have been using it for a couple of years now, and I don’t know how I survived without it. This system has reduced disruptions, distractions, questions during instruction, and throughout the school day. It comes especially handy during small groups. It’s also a great tool to enhance classroom management with your students. Please read all about how I use this in my classroom, and to check all the different styles available in my shop. Blog link below 🙂

Hand Signals Blog Post

Classroom Tour 2018-2019 Blooming Blossoming Flower Clip Chart

I use a clip chart for our Specials schedule. This keeps students informed on what special they have and it reduces those, “What special do we have this week, ” questions! Links to ALL special schedules below 🙂

Blooming Blossoming Flower Specials Schedule (Editable)

Zebra Specials Schedule (Editable)

Teal and Grey Specials Schedule Editable)

Chevron Specials Schedule (Editable)

Polka Dots Specials Schedule (Editable)

Rainbow Chevron Specials Schedule (Editable)

Centers Bulletin Board

This is our center’s bulletin board. We do a center a day during intervention time. I keep the same activities for about a quarter and focus on a different skill a week. Also, the bins to store the activities, if needed.

Blooming Blossoming Flower Centers Bulletin Board

Rainbow Centers Bulletin Board

The kiddos aren’t the only ones that need organization, so does Mrs. Figs. These organizers are so helpful throughout my busy day. This is where I store our daily work. There’s nothing better than knowing exactly where things are 🙂 Grab the pencil labels for FREE in my store, link below.

Pencil label FREEBIE

Blooming Blossoming Flower Organization Labels

Classroom Tour 2018-2019 Blooming Blossoming Flower Students Display Wall

Our student display wall is in front of the room. I can’t wait to hang up my kid’s work, they feel so proud when they see their work hung up on the wall.

Also located in the front of our room are our rules, behavior chart, and “When I’m Done” chart. I figured this would be the perfect place to remind students what our classroom expectations are throughout the day.


Blooming Blossoming Flower

Rainbow Chevron Editable 

Zebra Editable 

Red Chevron Editable


Classroom Rules Editable

Zebra Editable

Rainbow Editable

Red Chevron Editable

Our “When I’m Done” chart visually shows students what their options are when they’ve completed their work. It keeps students on task and allows them to practice what they’re learning in class. It helps eliminate many distractions and ongoing questions from early finishers. Please check out my blog post to read how I use this chart in my classroom, and to check out the different styles available in my store 🙂

When I’m Done Blog Post

Here I put the alphabet on top of my classroom whiteboard. I accented it with a pink border. Also, I LOVE the way it turned out. I can’t take the credit for putting this up. My amazing nieces did it for me, #shortgirlproblems! Hanging up stuff in my class will NEVER get ANY easier 🙁


Blooming Blossoming Flower

Safari Theme


Rainbow Chevron

The objectives board is also located in the front of the classroom, the teal washi tape, and the chevron border ties everything together!


Blooming Blossoming Flower


It’s my second year doing the Author of the Month. This really gets students excited about reading! They really enjoy learning about different authors and it inspires them to be better writers and illustrators. It’s such a joy to read their stories!

Classroom Tour 2018-2019 Blooming Blossoming Flower Calendar Kit

My students love the calendar 2018-2019 this year, and so do I. I don’t ever get asked, “Teacher what are we doing next” Our schedule is right up on the board and all they have to do is look up to see what we’re going to do ????

They also have a clear vision of how many days they have been in school and how many days are left until the 100th day or the 180th day. This is also a great way to understand and learn about 10 frames, it’s the perfect strategy to learn how to count by tens.


Blooming Blossoming Flower




Classroom Tour 2018-2019 Blooming Blossoming Flower Fluency Data Wall

Below the calendar is our Fluency  Data Wall. This is what I use to display individual student growth in reading fluency. As students achieve a reading goal their flower moves up the number line. This keeps my students accountable for their own learning and it also motivates them! They get so excited when they get to move up! This system can also be used for sight words, letter recognition, counting, math facts, etc.

Fluency Data Wall Links: 

Blooming Blossoming Flower

Football Theme


Monkey Theme

Shark Theme

School Kids

Owl Theme

Right next to our calendar is our Reading Focus Wall. We refer back to this wall very often. My kids really like knowing exactly what we’re focusing on reading each week. The posters are a great visual for them, I like to project them on our smart-board as I’m teaching each skill.

Reading Focus Wall Link:

Rainbow Wonders Focus Wall 2nd Grade

Classroom Tour 2018-2019 Blooming Blossoming Flower Grammar Wall

We love Learning in Wonderland’s grammar wall posters! I love that I was able to make it go with my classroom theme colors 🙂

Learning in Wonderland’s Grammar Wall

Classroom Tour 2018-2019 Library

Classroom Library

It’s safe to say that our favorite area in the classroom tour 2018-2019 is our classroom library.  I really wanted to create a cozy environment where my students can sit down, relax and read. Also I wanted to inspire them to read more so I surrounded our library area with reading quotes. In my opinion I feel it adds a cute little touch.

This floating shelves I ordered them from Amazon. I wanted something to display my author of the month books and my read alouds. This worked out perfectly, I also accented this area with some foam flowers I found at Hobby Lobby, I love how everything turned out! Affiliate link below, if you use this link, the items cost the same but I receive a small commission for referring you.

Floating Shelves

I have books sorted by theme, genre, and author. The label in the front makes it easier for the kids to pick their favorites. I bought the book shelf at Ikea and the bins at Target.

Classroom Tour 2018-2019 Desk Area

This is my desk area. My horseshoe table is attached to my desk so it’s easier for me to work with my small groups. I have everything I need at arms reach. The seat crates I made myself. Check out my blog post to read how I made them. It’s super easy, and they turned out is so cute.

Seat Crates DIY

I wanted to showcase a few of my favorite things around my desk in this classroom tour, especially pictures of my family. The kids really enjoy seeing personal pictures.

Classroom Tour 2018-2019 View from back of classroom

This is the view from the back of the classroom. How do you like that rug? Isn’t it adorable? The kids really enjoy sitting there during instruction time and story time. It goes perfect with my classroom 2018-2019 theme.

The view from the front of the room.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed my Classroom Tour 2018-2019. Thank you so much for stopping by.

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