Classroom Management

  • When I am Done I Can…

    When Im done chart has been a game changer in my classroom. I started using this chart a couple of years ago and my student’s ongoing questions and distractions completely stopped. When students are done with their work they just look at the chart, pick something to do, and stay busy. This has made me […]

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  • Classroom Hand Signals for Classroom Management

    Classroom Hand Signals

    Classroom Hand Signals Posters These EDITABLE Classroom Hand Signal posters are probably the BEST classroom management tool I’ve ever incorporated in my classroom. It’s a great way to reduce disruptions and distractions. The chart is a great visual reminder for both teachers and students 🙂 YES! I’m one to forget a lot of things, but thankfully […]

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  • “Sweetheart” Behavior

    Hi my name is Lorena and I am a holiday decor junkie and OF COURSE I needed my very own Valentine Tree! I’ve been dying to do this for quite some time, but the hubby would never allow me to do this at home…but I DO have a classroom and I can do what I […]

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  • Classroom Tour 2017-2018

    Hello everyone! Classroom Tour 2017-2018 I’m already three weeks in! Can you believe that??? I wanted to do my classroom tour sooner and well…you know how hectic the beginning of the year can be 🙁 I FINALLY had time to do it! So here we are… Classroom tour 2017-2018 Theme If you look at my […]

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